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Can you eat sea food while pregnant?

In order to address this issue, makers of prenatal vitamins have began incorporating omega-3 DHA derived from fish or algae in their products. The pill size of prenatal vitamins is already a challenge for anybody who has ever tried to swallow one, as anyone who has ever taken one will attest. This may imply that the omega-3 content of the pills is low, sometimes not even 50 mg, depending on how tightly the pills are packed. While there is no recommended daily DHA consumption for pregnant women, the World Health Organization recommends at least 200 mg of DHA per day for all pregnant women. Many new parents and newborns are left in the lurch as a result of the long-standing advise that women avoid eating fish while pregnant. Adding a critical ingredient like omega-3 as an afterthought isn’t enough when it comes to health.

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In other words, the answer to the question of whether you should take an omega-3 supplement along with your prenatal vitamin is yes! Ensure that the fish oil you use has been refined and has passed third-party testing for heavy metals and other environmental contaminants before using it. Continue taking it after you give birth, and don’t stop taking it right away. Getting the fats back into your system after giving your new baby such a substantial amount will take a while. Preparing for and maintaining your pregnancy with a high-purity fish oil is one of the safest and most sensible decisions you can make for both yourself and your unborn child.

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