Is There a Link Between Teen Pregnancy and Mental Health Issues?

Teen Pregnancy and Mental Health Issues

Some mental health disorders may make it more likely for a physically active high schooler to become pregnant.

For example, a young girl with ADHD may struggle to take her contraceptive tablets as coordinated.

If your child can’t remember that part of her daily routine, another kind of contraception that doesn’t need daily use may be a better option.

Children with depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia are more likely to get pregnant.

Teen Pregnancy

This may be due to the rapidity of imprudent activity; a young girl may not anticipate having sexual relations and be given free contraception out of the blue, or she may inadvertently decide to forego anti-conception medicine during her experiences.

If your adolescent has a diagnosed or suspected mental health condition, talk to her about her contraceptive requirements and encourage her to choose a method that doesn’t require daily recall. An IUD or anti-conception drug implant may be the last choice.

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