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Maternity leave, What Can I Expect?

What to Expect from Your Physical Body, Emotions, and Mental State ?

Following the birth of your child, you’ll have a lot on your plate in terms of recovery time. During this time, it’s important to pay attention to your own well-being, both physically and emotionally.

It is possible, though, that you may feel as if your body is working against you during the first few weeks. Excessive exhaustion and heavy bleeding are frequent symptoms experienced by new moms throughout their first few months of pregnancy. If you have had a C-section or episiotomy procedure, you also need to deal with the pain and care for your wounds, which can be hard.

Not every post-partum pain is experienced by every woman, but the list of possibilities is extensive.

maternity leave

Why Is newborn screening test Important?

Make a pact with yourself to give up on your illusions about how much cleaning and organizing you’d be able to do with all of that “free time” right away. Give yourself permission to quit being “productive” and instead write down the following objectives on your “project plan”:


Is There a Link Between Teen Pregnancy and Mental Health Issues?

newborn screening test

Why Is newborn screening test Important?