Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

From a medical standpoint, it is impossible to have a regular period during pregnancy, or what we refer to as “menstrual bleeding.” During pregnancy, menstruation occurs when an unfertilized egg is lost together with the uterine lining, indicating that conception has not occurred. In light of the fact that you are carrying a fertilized egg or embryo inside of you, it is reasonable to presume that your ovaries have ceased producing eggs that need fertilization (thus the lack of egg that needs to be shed). It is possible that you may suffer either desidual bleeding or spotting when you first start having periods throughout your early pregnancy.

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The presence of residual bleeding during pregnancy is sometimes mistaken for the presence of regular periods since it generally occurs around the time when menstruation begins and the volume of bloody discharge is similar to that of a normal menstrual flow. This uncommon illness, on the other hand, affects around 30% of pregnant women. Because of this, it is possible to simulate the menstrual cycle without actually having an egg shed from the uterus.


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