Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

In addition to being mistaken for a period during pregnancy, pregnancy spotting may also be mistaken for a period, but with less obvious blood content. Spotting happens after the implantation of the fertilized egg and on a rare occasion throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy. Spotting is caused by a bacterial infection. Women may be perplexed by these two occurrences, particularly if they had seen indicators of pregnancy prior to their missing period.

Spotting During Pregnancy: How to Deal with It

During the first trimester of pregnancy, spotting is often accompanied with cramps. After all, cramping is often an indication of pregnancy that appears early in the process. It is probable that women who have regular periods throughout pregnancy will also have frequent cramps over the course of their pregnancy. If you get periods throughout your pregnancy, you should always tell your doctor about it right away. The best course of action is to get yourself tested by a doctor if you have noticed enough indicators of pregnancy before missing your period but are still bleeding on a regular basis. It is a pleasurable experience to be pregnant while waiting, and therefore watching for indications of pregnancy before the first missed period is a vital chore.


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