newborn screening test

Why Is newborn screening test Important?

Why Is Newborn Screening Important?

 Almost every parent will want to make certain that their child grows up healthy and free of sickness. After delivery, your kid may seem healthy, but any underlying medical issues are not diagnosed until the infant has reached the age of three weeks or one month, depending on the country.

There has been a lot of progress in medical knowledge, though, so newborns can now be diagnosed with a wide range of metabolic problems in the first 72 hours after they are born.

What is neonatal screening and how does it work?

Birth defects can be found through a series of blood tests that allow doctors to choose the best procedures for a newborn even before signs of a medical problem show up. This allows for more successful treatment of the illness.

newborn screening test

Unfortunately, owing to a lack of newborn screening, many infants in our nation are exposed to illnesses that can cause lasting harm, resulting in disabilities ranging from mental retardation to physical handicap. Babies who do not have a family history of impairments or illnesses might be diagnosed with life-threatening medical issues as well as those who do. As a result, parents are strongly encouraged to get their children’s newborn screening tests completed within 48 hours after their child’s birth.

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