depression during pregnancy
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Do you suffer from depression during pregnancy?

If you’re expecting a child, it’s likely that you’ve heard about postpartum depression. But did you know that many women suffer from depression throughout their pregnancies as well? What you need to know about depression and pregnancy is outlined below:

 What is the prevalence of depression during pregnancy?

Pregnancy may be a joyful—and stressful—time of life. According to research, around 7% of pregnant women suffer from depression throughout their pregnancy, and this figure is rising. It is possible that rates will be greater in low and middle-income nations. When it comes to the general population, depression is the most frequent mood disorder. It is characterized by a constant sensation of melancholy and a lack of interest in activities. According to the American Psychological Association, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression, and the condition’s early start is most severe during a woman’s reproductive years.

depression during pregnancy

Why is it that depression during pregnancy is so often overlooked?

  • Changes in sleep patterns, energy levels, hunger, and libido are all common indicators of depression, and some of these symptoms are comparable to those of pregnancy.

Therefore, you or your healthcare provider might attribute these symptoms to your pregnancy rather than to depression as a result of your experience. Women may also be hesitant to speak with their health-care providers about changes in emotions during pregnancy because of the stigma associated with depression in general and postpartum depression in particular.

In addition, there is a tendency to place a greater emphasis on physical health during pregnancy than on mental health throughout pregnancy.

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